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Two Way Street

Two Way Street
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I worked once with a custom gifts shop owner. Let’s call him Steve.

Gift Shop

Steve did print on demand on shirts, mugs, pillows.

Steve also did laser printing and wood engraving. They had a sophisticated machine that does laser printing and engraving on wood.

Steve also had mini gifts like candles. Picture frames. Office desk decorations.

You Used Boost Once On Instagram? Open A Marketing Agency!

When I started consulting Steve. He told me that he worked before with a local “marketing agency”. I asked him what did they do for you? It turned out they price their services according to how many and how long they would boost some of his social media content. And that’s it!

There’s literally marketing agencies built on offering some minimal design skills and… boosting Instagram posts. Sarcastic Sarcasm GIF

I Want To Sell To Everyone!

I sat with Steve and we started analyzing his business. I asked him “ Why are you doing printing, custom gifts, laser wood engraving, office desk decorations, candles? “. It turned out he wanted to sell everyone. Not missing on any type of customer. What do you do? Everything. Who do you want to sell to? Everyone.

Not having a targeted customer in their social media made them like any local gift shop. Not leaning on differentiation made them look like any other gift shop.

How about you focus on marketing your specialized machine? How about you only market the wood engraving since not many do it? How about you make a campaign targeted for company owners telling them you can make them custom printed mugs and desk accessories?

Applying any of these would’ve stirred the market a bit and would’ve brought some customers. But what if they don’t want something out of the specialized machine? What if they want a print on a pillow and now a wood engraving? What if someone who is not a company owner wants to buy?

These are some questions that hindered them. Which led to taking no action and keeping things as they are.

Help Your Coach Help You

We could improve some things like the copy-writing in their social media (instead of posting caption-less pictures). We improved by writing step by step instructions and typing in a way that sparks interest and tackles emotions and imagination. But it was not enough since it was only one piece of the puzzle.

The lesson to take away is. As a coach / consultant try to find clients that are ready to make changes in their business. As a business owner, help your coach / consultant help you. It’s a two way street.