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How To Plan My SaaS Marketing Right From The Start

How To Plan My SaaS Marketing Right From The Start
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How To Plan My SaaS Marketing Right From The Start

You have a SaaS idea that you want to launch.

You’re a developer. Marketing and business is not your thing.

Here’s five angles you should consider during the planning stage if you want to evaluate the market and be set for success.

Is your SaaS solving a problem?

No matter how fancy your SaaS is, if it is not solving a problem, it won't interest anyone. So always think "problem" before you think "product".

How to know that your SaaS is solving a problem. A problem that is worth solving?

Use keyword research tools, check facebook groups, subreddits of your target market. All this boils down to listening well to people in the target market.

Is your SaaS set up to be profitable?

Is your solution affordable to your target market? Are you trying to sell something high ticket to a demographic that can’t afford it?

Is your solution hyper specific to the point that the niche is too small?

Niching is a great strategy to focus your targeting and marketing to an audience you know well. Addressing them with messaging they understand and use. But be wary of niching too much and too soon, to the point where there's almost no one to target.

Can your solution be set up for recurring revenue?

Is establishing a presence for your SaaS feasible?

Does your SaaS offer a unique angle to solve the problem you’re solving? If not, ask yourself how can I offer a unique angle? You don’t have to change your core product to be unique. Instead, think how you can craft your offer differently to outshine your competitors.

Can your target market see you as the go-to provider for your solution? Are you up to compete with the messaging your competitors are using?

Are you choosing the right channels and targeting?

Consider identifying where your users are online using analytics tools. Know on what platform your audience mainly hangs out. And have a list of interests, experts, publications, groups, so when you target, you know what you’re doing. Especially if you want to grow on social channels or use ads.

Without passion you’re going to burn out easily

If you’re into SaaS thinking that it is a quick money making business. You will burn out easily.

Choose to work on something that comes easy to you. Something that you “could” do for free.

Something that you can stick with for a long time.

Although some of these questions need a bit of trial and testing, having these questions answered will help you study your SaaS idea before you start investing a lot of time, money, and effort into it. Good luck.

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