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3 Ways To Get Leads For Your SaaS Business

3 Ways To Get Leads For Your SaaS Business
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3 Ways To Get Leads For Your SaaS Business

You have a solid SaaS product. Now if you don’t have a waitlist of people eager to buy you need to solve the "getting leads problem".

Here are 3 lead generation ways that you can and should use simultaneously to increase traffic and engagement to your SaaS product. And some thoughts about them.

Inbound Leads

Inbound leads are leads that are pulled in to you usually through content marketing. They come to you mainly because of your brand and reputation.

In order to get inbound leads working. You must start as early as you can. Start on the same day you have your business idea because it will take time.

Social Media

Whether you’re on Facebook, X formerly Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn. Remember that you’re on social media to be social. Don’t just post. Rather reply and comment (socialize) a lot. Make connections and send a lot of DMs. And do not forget to optimize your profile page for conversion.

With time and consistency ( which is a simple concept but hard to execute ), you’ll make more and more connections and you’ll be seen. Eventually people will be interested in you and want to connect with you. Inbound.


If you have a website. Make sure it is SEO friendly. Some tips to look for are

  • Keyword Research
  • Quality Content
  • On-Page SEO
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Page Speed
  • Internal Linking
  • Backlink Building
  • Social Media Integration
  • Local SEO

The best place to implement SEO in your website is your blog.

Remember, SEO is a long term investment. It usually takes months for search engines to catch up to your amazing blog. So the earlier you start with SEO the earlier you will start seeing results.

Outbound Leads

Outbound leads are leads that you reach out to. Usually through DM cold outreach or email marketing. While inbound marketing takes time. A faster way is to reach out to people you believe you can help.

If you’re Direct Messaging on social media. Introduce yourself, make a connection, help make a quick win, establish trust, then naturally offer your SaaS product as a solution to problems they’re facing.

If you’re running an Email Marketing Campaign. There are online services that provide you with huge lists of emails you could send your Cold Email Outreach campaign to. Lead generation services.

Remember that when reaching out to outbound leads for the first time, they don’t know about your existence. They’re considered a cold audience. Having this in mind, you should transform them into a warm audience that knows you and interacts with you, then to a hot audience that is ready to buy from you.

A famous model to transform your audience into buyers is the AIDA model. Which is an acronym for the following points you play on taking your audience in their journey: Attention. Interest . Desire . Action.


Running Ads is a fast way to get your Saas product in front of many eyes. I won’t be covering here how to create ads. But I’ll mention some tips and thoughts about them.

Ads amplify what you already have. If you have a shitty sales page throwing money at it won’t make it not shitty.

Set your fundamentals straight from your avatar to your message to the transformation you’re selling. This will make ad creation almost as easy as a drag and drop process. As 80% of the marketing work happens before running ads and doing sales activities.

When running ads as a beginner, do not try to outsmart the platforms you’re using because it will bite you. Understand that these platforms put a lot of work in optimizing their systems and algorithms to your advantage. This is how they make more money. So treat the platform as your friend and don’t try to outsmart these tools.

Carefully read the official guidelines before you start any ad campaign so you don’t get surprised why your ad accounts get suspended.

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