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AbdulRahman El Rawas

AbdulRahman El Rawas

Abdulkader El Rawas

Abdulkader El Rawas

Meet The Coaches

We @Rawas94 & @DevAbdulkader are senior software engineers with 8+ years of experience in the software industry

5 years ago

We realized how little software developers focused on marketing

Treating marketing like an after-thought

Focusing on building and rebuilding

While having ZERO real customers

This was one of many huge problems we observed

How can you build without selling?

Yeah you are building, but no one knows about your solution. Or about you!

Shouldn't monetizing your skills be your main focus?

All this got us interested in marketing

We started learning, studying and rolling in programs by several global marketing experts

We learned A LOT

We started sharing our experience with peers and close business people


What we brought to the table after these 5 years was immensely beneficial and inspiring to them

One night we sat down at dinner and thought

Why don't we help software developers fix these marketing mistakes?

Why don't we even make it easier for aspiring software developers to avoid these mistakes from the start?

We asked ourselves "Why not package all our experience and learning into a course or a coaching program?"

We were sharing our experiences anyway

Later that night An idea was born.

The Nova Method

The Nova Method by amplinova is an intensive coaching program tailored for software developers

We help you charge more for your skills

→ laveraging business and marketing knowledge in your own career

→ increasing your online visibility and have opportunities search for you instead of you searching for them

→ define what success means to you and work towards it firmly. Whether it's freelancing. Employment. Or SaaS ownership.

You will learn all this ONCE and get lifetime results